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Do any of these issues effect your day to day processes?

Inefficient Business Processes
Antiquated / Outdated Software
Disparate software systems
Manual processes such as updating large amounts of data or manual consolidations
Poor audit controls
Lack of data backups
Lack of in depth reporting
General system inefficiencies

If so, Then This Is The Event For You!
Free Wine Tasting and a
Microsoft Dynamics - GP Showcase
presented by Integrity Partners.

Your Choice of Event Dates:
September 24th 2008
Time: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location: Microsoft Offices
1290 Avenue of the Americas , 6th Floor
New York, NY 10104
Conference Room TBA

Have your largest accounting issues addressed

Find out what Microsoft People Ready Solution can bring to your business.
View The Capabilities Of Microsoft Dynamics - GP
Have Your Accounting System Questions Answered By Expert Microsoft Dynamics - GP Consultants
Find out If the Microsoft Dynamics - GP solution Is right for your business.
RSVP Is A Must To Reserve Your Seat!! Attendees Will Not Be Allowed Into The Microsoft Building Without A reserved Seat- So Sign Up Now!!
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Here Are Just A Few Signs That You May Be Outgrowing
Your Accounting System! Let Microsoft Dynamics GP
Take Your Business To The Next Level!

A streamlined accounting process is an extremely important part of running your business. So how do you know when the time has come to evaluate new systems? Here are some tell tale signs to help you know when it may be time to make the change.

Business Intelligence:

Do you have immediate access to the reports at the click of a mouse? Are you able to produce comparative information that will give you the knowledge to make accurate and quick decisions that will decrease costs and increase your profits? Microsoft Dynamics GP will allow you to gain access to accurate and real time reporting for your growing business when you need it the most.

Trouble Integrating Systems:

How does your accounting system measure up when it is time to integrate with your other business processes? Is your business data disparate, wasting tons of productivity time? Microsoft Dynamics GP not only works like your Microsoft Office systems, but it also uses the latest technology breakthroughs to connect to an unlimited number of systems in today’s marketplace. Enabling you to build on your current investments along with saving you time to concentrate on the business matters that need your immediate attention.


Do you hear yourself and your employees saying "My job would be so much easier if our system could just do _____"? Let us fill in those gaps for you. Microsoft Dynamics GP has the functionality that you are looking for. Instead of wishing that your current system was more beneficial during busy seasons like end of year closing, you will be amazed at what Microsoft Dynamics GP will bring to the table. From multi currency translation, viewing all vendors and invoices in a single window, to internal controls for companies with the need to be Sarbanes Oxley complaint. The functionality is endless, and without a doubt, will truly streamline the way you and your employees work.

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