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Top 10 Tips For Dynamics GP 2010

  1. Copy and Paste Header Data in SQL Server Management Studio - [Tip #10 of 50 MORE Tips] While not technically a GP tip, feel free to trade this idea for favors from your DBA. Buried deep in SQL Server Management Studio 2005 and greater is a setting that forces copy and paste to include the headers of the data being copied. This makes for easy copy and paste from SQL to Excel and most DBA's don't know it exists.

  2. Custom Links - [Tip #46 of 50 Tips] Custom links provide the option to tie websites to master record values in Dynamics GP. For example, when entering a bank transaction, a quick click on the Checkbook ID opens the banks website for the Checkbook in use, allowing a user to validate today's balance.

  3. Separate Depreciation posting - [Tip #22 of 50 Tips] The simple act of separating the posting of asset additions, retirements and depreciation saves so much pain down the road that it should be a standard part of every Fixed Asset training.

  4. Control Account Management - [Tip #20 of 50 More Tips] Control Account Management allows companies to centralize AP processing but split out AP to departments at month end for reporting. Companies get the efficiency of centralized AP and the transparency of full balance sheet reporting. GP 2010 adds AR to Control Account Management as well.

  5. Account Rollup - [Tip #2 of 50 Tips] Account Rollup provides the ability to summarize and report on multiple, non-sequential GL accounts while providing drill back to the details that make up the report totals. All of this happens within Dynamics GP without the need for FRx.

  6. DocDateVerify - [Tip #22 of 50 More Tips] DocDateVerify is a free utility from Microsoft that prevents users from entering dates in subledgers that don't exist in the fiscal periods. With DocDateVerify, users are prevented from accidently dating a payables document for 2100 instead of 2010.

  7. Speed up Journal Entries for Corrections - [Tip #10 of 50 Tips] Selecting a Journal Entry to correct is painfully slow in versions 8 - 10. Microsoft provides SQL code that adds additional indexes and dramatically speeds up this process. This is fixed in version 2010 so I will get to retire this tip soon.

  8. Support Debugging Tool - [Tips # 42, 45, 49, 50 of 50 More Tips] Yes, I cheated, that's 4 tips in one, but there is so much good stuff in the free Support Debugging Tool for Dynamics GP that I couldn't choose just one. If your firm runs Dynamics GP 8 or higher, you need to get this from your partner.

  9. Allow Account Entry - [Tip #12 of 50 More Tips] Turning off Allow Account Entry for control accounts like cash, AR and AP will do more to simplify month end GL to subledger balancing than any other single thing. This setting in the chart of accounts prevents direct GL entry and requires transactions using these accounts to flow through a subledger, thereby preventing rogue GL entries.

  10. Correct AutoComplete - [Tip 41 of 50 Tips] This tip always takes the audience's breath away, because it is such a simple fix to an annoying problem. Dynamics GP helps speed data entry by remembering what a user types. This includes misspellings and errors. To remove an erroneous AutoComplete entry, start typing the problem word until it appears as a selection. Right Click and select Remove From List to eliminate the error.


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